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6 months to 3 years of age

The fun and joy of the water starts with each child being accompanied into the water by mummy or daddy. The focus of this is to create a bright happy atmosphere in water utilizing fun activities and interactions between baby, parent and instructor. 


We work on breathing control in preparation for babies and toddlers to ​learn safety and survival modes in the water. ​ Truely a great experience for all that will never be forgotten. Have a stroll after your lesson and meet the ponies, chickens on our amazing acreage. Your kids will love it!


We are very proud of our swim school and the reputation it has achieved with over 20 years of dedication in teaching kids to swim for life. All our staff are fully qualified Austswim or Swim Australia trained and are committed to teaching your children survival skills in the water and swimming for life. Our purpose built swim school is located on a beautiful acreage in Bulli, Wollongong. Our unique swim school setting also allows you to meet the ponies and animal  friends of the farm, its a one of a kind experience.  

LEARN TO SWIM - Preschool

With our awesome preschool aged learn to swim program, all great little swimmers are taught a range of water skills that start with floating, submersion and propulsion skills (kicking, paddling and rockets)

Water confidence builds through the 4 levels of our learn to swim program. Freestyle "big arms", body position and kicking in the water are fine tuned and practiced,  level development sees bilateral breathing and correct technique as the main focus. Freestyle, backstroke, and dolphin kick are practiced. Learning to pick up submerged objects and  diving is encouraged. Water Safety is integrated into each class with an extra emphasis during our safety week.

Fun in the water achieved!

These classes are 30 min


Our fantastic school age swimmers build upon skills developed in the learn to swim program, through a series of levels. (level 3 - 7)  Stroke technique is emphasised and drills for perfecting strokes are implemented and reinforced by their dedicated instructors.

We strive towards correct stroke technique for free, back, breast and fly. Drills for fitness, strength and stamina are infused into each lesson. Diving starts, turns and finishes are practiced. This is a great time for children to develop and create confidence in the water and swimming skills for life. Water Safety is integrated into each class with an extra emphasis during our safety week. 

This is a great program to strengthen your children's swimming so that both you and them feel confident in all aquatic activities! 

These classes are 30min 


Our super squad swimmers are able to swim all strokes correctly for at least 100-200m. Excellent stroke technique and accurate start turn and finish are taught and encouraged. Water safety is implemented during our safety week. 

Our aim is to improve all facets of stamina and speed in the water. While fostering a fun pathway to competitive swimming or maintaining fitness. Our dedicated and experienced coaches will help your child reach their goal. Whether it is to achieve a time at a swim carnival or improve their fitness to be eligible for a transition squad. We want all of our swimmers to be great swimmers!


These classes are 60 minutes.


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